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I help guys break their beliefs, raise their standards and live a life where they have it all.

Who am I?

I am a father, mentor and growth coach. After climbing the corporate ladder for 10 years, to then building my own bricks and mortar business with dozens of staff, tenants and awards, I decided it was time for what I call Route B. The illogical route. I left my own business, team and safety and co-founded Heroic Man. A place where men can go to unfugg their existing paradigms and psychological flaws and become the most heroic version of themselves.

Second to that, I mentor founders as they grow from 6 and 7 to 8 figures through strategic planning, result-driven models & high performing teams.

My clients become my friends, we hang out, we travel to cool places and we create illogical lives together.

What do I do?

I offer two services to help you or your business understand what's getting in the way of your next level of growth, get clear on the route and then break each roadblock as they come up.


🧠 1-1 Brain

We work on an intense program to help you get clear and a level of specificity on your vision and direction personally and professionally. Next I help you understand your own behaviours, emotions and blocks. Once the understanding begins we'll unblock any internal resistance, release the handbrake and put the accelerator down.


📈 1-1 Business

I make businesses more profit by optimising operational deficiencies in top and bottom-line revenue. My process and methodology is focused. It highlights the root causes and fixes the issues to release growth. I find the quickest way to maximise profitability and shape businesses into efficient assets for long term growth. We'll optimise and ramp up performance in your operations, teams and processes.

How do I do it?

There are only three ways


🔶 Intensives

All day intensives to solve big challenges effectively. This can be a strategic day to solve business bottlenecks or getting your personal vision and direction dialled in. Both scenarios you'll walk away with a clear and tangible plan to implement.


🔶 1-1 Mentoring

We work closely together, meet regularly and talk frequently to get you clear on your objectives and solve every roadblock that comes up during along the way. I act like an equity partner, but without the equity.


🔶 Community

Going at the journey alone is lonely and isolating, but doing it around other guys on the same path speeds up success and makes it fun. 1-1 clients have access to this.


From Picked on to Pro

Picked on at school and average grades to pro athlete, multi 7-fig business owner, Apples top podcast for men and mentoring hundreds of guys.

Let's talk about creating the man that you would admire

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